Maped Drafting set Essentials.
12,000 L.L.
Maped 137702 Kidicut Scissors Round Tips Fiberglass Blades.
20,000 L.L.
Safety scissors for babies to learn to cut safely and while having fun. Suitable for right and left handed people. Specially designed for initiation to cutting,...
Flexible Ruler 15 cm. Flexible Ruler 15 Cm Q-96 Red Stationery
4,000 L.L.
Maped 119450 Drawing Compass Item With Leads. Maped 119450 Drawing Compass Item With Leads Grey Stationery
26,000 L.L.
Staedler Water Soluble Coloring Pencils *12.
38,000 L.L.
Maped Office 352311 Essentials Metal Stapler Mini n ° 10.
26,000 L.L.
100% metal stapler. Integrated staple remover. Visualization of the staple stock. Stapling capacity 15 sheets with No. 10 staples. Magazine capacity 58 staples No. 10. Stapling...
Aluminium 30 cm Ruler.
7,000 L.L.
White Board Eraser.
9,000 L.L.
9,000 L.L.
Twist'n Flex Ruler 20 cm.
8,000 L.L.
Twist'n Flex Ruler 30 cm. Twistn Flex Ruler 30 Cm Purple Stationery
10,000 L.L.
Maped 540300 Stapler 10 mini vivo. Maped 540300 Stapler 10 Mini Vivo Red Stationery
23,000 L.L.
VIVO STAPLER NO 10 STAPLES 540300 Pocket stapler for staples No. 10, staples up to 15 sheets. Product Size: 7 x 5 cm
Office File Folder A4.
8,000 L.L.
Twist'n Flex Ruler 15 cm. Twistn Flex Ruler 15 Cm Fuchsia Stationery
5,000 L.L.
Maped Stop System Compass With Arm Stopper.
47,000 L.L.
Intuitive Stop system without handling, Ergonomic compass head and safe tip and lead protection Efficient leg blocking system for tensionless use
Smiley Stickers. Smiley Stickers.
7,000 L.L.
7,000 L.L.
Rapid Staples 24/6 Standard 1000 Pcs.
7,000 L.L.
Maped 519118 Kidz Math Geometry 8 Piece Set Assorted Colors Blue Stationery Maped 519118 Kidz Math Geometry 8 Piece Set Assorted Colors Pink Stationery
72,000 L.L.
- Practical and compact case holds and protects all the pieces.- Drafting tools in centimeters and inches.- 1 graphic compass with holder, 1 pencil sharpener,...
Office Board Magnet.
14,000 L.L.
Maped 195210 Study Stop Universal Support. Maped 195210 Study Stop Universal Support Orange Stationery
39,000 L.L.
Exclusive Foot System - Precision Pen Locks Metal legs Ergonomic head Storage box
Flexible Ruler Set Of 4 Large Pcs.
23,000 L.L.
Kids Characters Tape Kit Cars Stationery Kids Characters Tape Kit Mccewen Stationery
15,000 L.L.
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