Bath Shower Cap 12 Pcs / Mw-301 Personal Care
14,500 L.L. 18,000 L.L.
14,500 L.L. 18,000 L.L.
Packing size : 28 x 23 cm Characteristics: Easy and comfortable Bath will not wet hair Keep your perfect hairstyle
Bath And Shower Cup  12 pcs. Bath And Shower Cup  12 pcs.
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Packing size: 32 x  2.5 cm 
Palmolive Shower Gel 500 ml.
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The creamy shower gel takes care of sensitive skin. Milk contains proteins, which make the skin nourished and hydrated. Treat the skin with a unique care.
Dove Baby Rich Moisture Shampoo, 200 ml.
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How to use: Apply a small quantity of Baby Dove Rich Moisture Shampoo on to your hands, massage gently into wet hair and rinse External Usage...
Fa Shower Gel 550ml Lime 550 ml.
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